Star Wars Levitating Death Star Speaker by Plox

Plox in the press

From Melbourne to New York, LA to London and the rest of the world - people can’t stop talking about the Official Star Wars levitating Death Star speaker by Plox.


"Darth Vader would have this on his desk!"


"Why have an iHome when you can enjoy your favorite tunes coming out of the Empire's secret weapon? Brilliantly executed... A sure fire winner."


"A wonderful invention at CES 2017."


"This amazing piece of technology is what Star Wars fans need."

“Perfect for Darth Vader's bachelor pad.”

"Plox has really set the bar high with its creative take on the Death Star. It’s an amazing piece that captures the presence of the Death Star. It’s a must own for any Star Wars fan."

"A Death Star Bluetooth speaker that actually floats."

"The hottest new must-have accessory..."

“The only kind of speaker that should levitate.”

“A great sounding speaker that any Star Wars fan would want.”

“Offering amazingly clear sound and as much as five hours of playback. Don't settle for knock-offs. This one is Disney sanctioned.”

"It blows my mind!"

“Impressive, most Impressive.”

"The 10 best Star Wars gifts for girls and boys, men and women."

"While there have been many Star Wars-inspired gadgets and toys in the past, this may take the cake as the coolest one of them all."


"Score one for the Dark Side. This Plox speaker is wireless, has great sound and, uh, did we mention it levitates?!"

“It’s quite natural to regress to a small child when something like this comes along.”

"One of the coolest Star Wars gadgets you can get to impress your Star Wars-obsessed friends."

"Delivers your favorite music in Galactic Empire's style."

"There is a new levitating Star Wars Death Star speaker, and to say it is only awesome would hardly do it justice."

"Shut up and take our money."